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Watching Stars, For Anna Carolina

Watching Stars, January 10, 2013

For Anna Carolina

Remember when we looked at stars,

Alderaban and Jupiter, not a star, but

glowing bright next to the waxing crescent moon?

Sirius, low in the eastern sky teased

us through the queen palm fronds that

obscured our horizon.

We looked for Polaris, faint and low, along

the northern azimuth of a warm Miami night at joker123.

The North Star, it never moves.

I was born and raised in Barcelona, but I grew up in an environment where I was told very well about degree programs in the United States, about how meritocracy is valued and that if you work hard, good things can come of it. I was studying at the UPC, in Barcelona, but I always had in mind the possibility of going to study some kind of postgraduate degree in the United States. I went to work in one of these large consulting firms, where the program and sponsorship to go to study a graduate program in the United States falls within what is the career plan within the company. And that seemed perfect to me because you work three years, and then they pay you a master’s degree. And that’s how I came to the United States. I arrived in New York in 2008 and decided not to return to BCG and repay the master.

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