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About This Blog

My name is Jose M. Blanco, and I created this blog, originally,  to discuss the Grammar Worksheets page.  My plan was, and still is, to create short posts on writing topics that my students, and others, may find useful.  Eventually, these short topics will develop into full-fledged Grammar Worksheets (even though they may not be, strictly speaking, about grammar).

But given all this free space (!!!!) I thought it would be a great opportunity to publish my students’ work in a public forum, where others can view and comment on them as well.

To post your work, simply “Leave a Reply” (You may cut and paste.) and then click “Add Comment.”

I would like to thank one of my students at MDC, Lisyandri Perez, for all of his help not only in setting up this blog, but also in creating the logo and giving me some excellent advice on web marketing and Google “tricks.”  Visit his website.  It’s great:

Feel free to comment on the worksheets or leave suggestions for new topics or worksheet ideas.


  1. Millie Campillo says:

    Hi Mr. Blanco,

    I want to know what other words besides I think or I feel, I can use when writing an essay. When I write I always have a hard time in the beginning part and how to give my opinio without using those words.


  2. Jose Blanco says:

    Millie, you don’t really need to use “I feel,” “I think,” or “I believe.” Remember, it’s your essay, so any thoughts and opinions you write are you own.


  3. Gizelly says:

    Hello Mr. Blanco,

    I want to thank you for the great worksheets you made. They have been helping me a lot. It is very hard to find a good website where I can clearly understand the material, because it is well explain, and the same, it is easy to access. Most of the websites have a lot of good information but they are not easy to access.

    I struggle with my writing every day because I did not grow up writing in English. Sometimes, I get very frustrated because I make a lot mistakes. However, thank to you, I am able to reduce my frustrations a little bit.

    Thank you,



  4. Anil says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am looking for grammer worksheets (different sub topics…modifier..parallelism…etc etc which would help my son in SAT prep especially with writing part.

    Also it would be helpful if you had few sample to review before one could order.




  5. L says:

    I am a student teacher, and I discovered your website today. Wow, thank you!


  6. Simone Mathurin


    ENC 1101

    Topic Sentence: (Sometimes, children must perform important tasks within

    family.) Children can be of great assistance to their parents and other family

    members. For example, they may help by cleaning the household, washing

    dishes, doing other chores. By doing these tasks, children are doing their parts in

    the family and learning how to be responsible and prepare for life. They learn

    how to be well organized. Another example of children performing important

    tasks is the help they provide the parents while the parents are busy. The

    children might bring the parents something they need while the parents are busy.

    Children doing chores are helping take tress off their parents even by doing

    simple tasks such as pick up mail. A final example is that as children get older,

    they may do more important tasks for the family, such as doing laundry, getting

    groceries, etc. These chores all help the family greatly and teach children

    valuable life lessons.


  7. Kristin Martin says:

    I could not download the workbook. Please advise.


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