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Alabama Jack’s

Alabama Jack’s (Sometime in December, 2002)

With a Christmas palm in the back seat, my friend April and I thought we might drive to Alabama Jack’s for sweet conch fritters.

The sun was warm, the sky clear blue.  We sat on stools at a table for 2 next to the dock, where we saw snapper and snook swim below us. The band played “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.”  This was the place.

April smiled, checked out two young Latin waiters, dark hair, wrap-around sunglasses, clean white smiles, and tight jeans.  She was for it.  I gazed at the mangroves along Card Sound and waved at a passing

We ordered grilled Mahi-Mahi platters with seasoned fries.  A plump blondie in a tight, red pants-suit sang Patsy Cline’s “I Fall to Pieces.”  What she lacked in talent, she made up in moxie.  I smiled at her, but she was feeling the music.

I learned something that day:  If you hold a seasoned french fry out over the railing at Alabama Jack’s, a sea gull will pluck it from you.

Without the young latin waiter in tight jeans, without the plump blondie who sang Patsy Cline music, April and I headed north, back to Miami.  But Jimmy, we had a palm tree in the back seat of my car.  And we had a moment with each other on a sunny December afternoon, eating conch fritters and Mahi-Mahi at Alabama Jack’s.

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